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A revised version of my original Enterprise ship history video. There are still several more ships named HMS Enterprise from the 18th century which are not included here; these were left out due to lack of definitive pictures, but should still be remembered in the history of this fine name.

As usual, constructive criticism is always appreciated. If there are other ships (besides those from the 18th century) that I may have missed, please feel free to leave a comment on the video. Comments with helpful criticism or suggestions are welcome, as are any Enterprises I missed that are not already addressed.

For some reason this video is showing up in my video list without the thumbnail. If anyone has an explanation for why this may be happening, feel free to leave a comment.

Edits since version one: Added the 1774 HMS Enterprize and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-G Updated/replaced pics for the H88 and NCC 1701-J Standardized length of slide segments for each ship Moved 2009 NCC 1701 to be with TOS NCC 1701

EDITS The Enterprise-G and Enterprise-G are fan-made vessels which do not appear in any canon film media; I am not knowledgeable as to any print sources, so anyone with any such knowledge is welcome to post it in the comments. The Enterprise-J appears in the Start Trek Enterprise Episode "Azati Prime"

Copyright stuff: Same as last video... audio tracks used in order are: Star Trek DS9 theme, Star Trek Generations Overture, and Star Trek Insurrection End Credits. All music used is from the Ultimate Star Trek Collection on iTunes. I do not own Star Trek or the audio used in any way. blablahblah, please don't screw my video over wmg or other music companies.

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