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Název Označení epizody Hvězdné datum Datum prvního vysílání
Apocalypse Rising 5x01 50013.9 1996-09-30
The Ship 5x02 50049.3 1996-10-07
Looking For par'Mach in All the Wrong Places 5x03 50061.2 1996-10-15
...Nor the Battle to the Strong 5x04 50098.7 1996-10-21
The Assignment 5x05 50124.3 1996-10-28
Trials and Tribble-ations 5x06 4523.7 1996-11-04
Let He Who Is Without Sin... 5x07 neznámé 1996-11-11
Things Past 5x08 neznámé 1996-11-18
The Ascent 5x09 neznámé 1996-11-25
Rapture 5x10 neznámé 1996-12-30
The Darkness and the Light 5x11 50416.2 1997-01-06
The Begotten 5x12 neznámé 1997-01-27
For the Uniform 5x13 50485.2 1997-02-03
In Purgatory's Shadow 5x14 neznámé 1997-02-10
By Inferno's Light 5x15 50564.2 1997-02-17
Doctor Bashir, I Presume? 5x16 neznámé 1997-02-24
A Simple Investigation 5x17 neznámé 1997-03-31
Business as Usual 5x18 neznámé 1997-04-05
Ties of Blood and Water 5x19 50712.5 1997-04-14
Ferengi Love Songs 5x20 neznámé 1997-04-21
Soldiers of the Empire 5x21 neznámé 1997-04-29
Children of Time 5x22 50814.2 1997-05-05
Blaze of Glory 5x23 neznámé 1997-05-12
Empok Nor 5x24 50901.7 1997-05-19
In the Cards 5x25 50929.4 1997-06-09
Call to Arms 5x26 50975.2 1997-06-16

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